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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  August 23, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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happen to that community, everyone wants the federal government there as fast as possible. >> thank you everyone for joining us. he is telling his audience how he will make his case to black voters. >> give donald trump a chance. i say this to the african american community. give donald trump a chance. we will turn it around. we will make your streets safe so when you walk down the street you don't get shot, which is what's happening now. >> there you have it. they say the goem is not to
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simply win support from black voters but to count ter view that he is racist. the post noting she aiming to shed a light labeled racist. it includes trips to new policies including an empowerment agenda and could include a visit by ben carson who would give a tour of impoverished neighborhoods where he grew up. that's tonight from the washington post. let's add more of our own reporting. chuck todd noted while this effort may be underway trump has jumped chances to apply this strategy at all including an invite to address the national urban league conference. it is at a joint conference national association of plaque and hispanic journalists. the list, like the beat, it goes
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on. it would reverse some of the documented trend of not finding the time or desire to speak to and with the organizations of people of color. he postponed and was still working on actual policy. all of this against the backdrop of unfavorable poll numbers for trump. it gives hillary a 12-point lead. pl plenty to get into. she is the author of race, immigration and the pursuit of the american dream. i also have smith here from mtv news, which is still a news organization among other things and liz joining me in washington as well as lisa booth. so many people, christina, i'll throw it out to you. >> it's a failed strategy. donald trump has been a failure
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in all of his businesses and with the black community outreach, we will not -- he took out a full page out against the innocent central park five. he has done nothing to ever reach out to the african american community. we know he has a long history of discriminating against blaks and lat latinos in his apartment ple complexes. ben carson has essentially given away any credibility he gained in the black community for decades. there are so many people growing up who had a picture of jesus christ, martin luther king and -- i mean ben carson has essentially embarrassed himself. it is to say what?
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what exactly are you promising? he has proven that he actually likes racists at his rallies. he is courting them. >> i think you asked a question with multiple levels. you said to say what which can be translate today say what? >> say who. >> shehere is a little more of donald trump saying what he wants to say to black voters. take a listen. >> you have 40% living in poverty, 58% of the students can't get jobs. it's just like a total catastrop catastrophe. everything is bad. no health care, no education, no anything. >> when wha he seems to be suggesting is there are economic problems where african americans
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live. i suppose the question is just saying that enough running against hillary clinton in this environment for a messenger like him? >> voting for him is not in fact a racist act. the point is all of this pitching to black voters really isn't coming with any kind of policies. he is saying what do you have to lose? what do we have to gain by voting for donald trump. that's the answer he needs to be answering and addressing. i'm open to policy that is can change lives. i want to see a healthy debate about that. it actually improves policy. all we are getting is this sort of magic show of him coming in and suddenly being the white savior of black america. >> i want to bring in lisa booth. what do you say to that?
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does this type of approach poll well even? where does it come from? >> i would say there hasn't been a lot of outreach efforts. that's something that he needs to do. i agree with the panelists that just spoke in the sense that donald trump does need outlined, what does he need to do to help african american voters and all americans as far as jobs and economic growth. donald trump has laid out a pro growth economic plan but sort of taking it a bit further and talking about how it can help. what is it going to do to help those people that are hurting in some of these lower income areas? if you look at someone like rick scott he really focused on school choichlts it actually doubled his support from his previous election in 2010 to when he was reelected not too long ago. focusing on some of the policy
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that is will better people's lives i would agree is a positive step and maybe it will sway voters. >> so donald trump's one policy position is he will be the law and order candidate. he said yesterday he will make sure there are more cops in those areas, that you know what i mean. he was clearly talking about philadelphia and african americans. he is talking out of both sides of his mouth in that spectrum. he has given absolutely no policy prescriptions. he has been an abject fail yufrmt w you'r -- failure. >> it wasn't a pitch to black voters. i was a pitch to white voters. you can see this white guy mouthing his words saying we will be there for you. i feel so good saying these words. it's to make white, mostly educated voters who aren't going for him right now feel good about voting for him and feel good about voting for someone
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who a lot of people are saying is a bigot and a racist. he says you're going in the streets, you're getting shot. the policies he will enact will not help that problem at all. >> that's why he is polling at 1%. >> but the reality is though middle class americans, whether you're black, hispanic, it doesn't matter, middle class americans are suffering right now. the policies don't differentiate from the policies we have seen. we saw 1.2 economic growth which is going to put president obama at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to presidents in economic growth. the middle class is suffering. we have seen the middle class is in decline. manufacturing is in decline. americans are hurting right now. he is the only one that laid out
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pro-growth economic policies. >> and you're saying in color blindness it doesn't matter what color you are. he is saying if you're black here are your problems. he is saying it in many cases to large white audiences. you say he doesn't pick his audiences but he does decline the chance to the black community. don't you see there's at least a mismatch there? >> sure. that's something that rand paul has done, which i think is a really positive thing. >> yeah, he want to howard. >> he should be talking about policy to move forward to help the economy, to boost education and boost positive policies for health care. of course republicans should be doing these things but donald trump has also spoken about the economy in an all inclusive
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format as well. when you talk about jobs and the economy you're not paying it in terms of specifically african americans. >> i need to fit in a quick break but christina is onset but briefly then i got to fit in a break. >> it's not true. obamacare has exhelped people f color. to say that is just a lie. we could look at the economic gains under this particular president and donald trump is nowhere near any strategy of make that come true. >> tell us that briefly. >> it hasn't been work. health care is impleased right no -- imploeding right now. what that have said has rang
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true. that's what we are seeing with large insurers and we have seeing counties where they don't even have health care because insurers are pulling out of the marketplace. >> not time to go to bed. the panel is awake. the coffee is hot. everyone stay. they will all be with us. much more to come including new questions as to why donald trump raised the rent prices repeatedly for his own campaign at trump towers. we'll get to the bottom of it. i have a campaign senior advise or live. that's just ahead. (lionel) ♪it's peyton... ♪it's peyton on sunday mornings.♪ (peyton) you know with directv nfl sunday ticket you can watch your favorite team no matter where you live. like broncos or colts. (cashier) cool. (peyton) ah...18. the old number. ooh. i have got a coupon for that one.
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it means we are going to win. >> no. it could mean that but it depends on other things. if you look at the national polls trump is trailing clinton by 12 points. coming up i will speak with a senior adviser about how they want to turn this all around and what trump is doing and whether his position is changing cht that changing. that's all straight ahead. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed...
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times over the past several months. it does coincide with efforts bringing in outside money. no evidence of any causal relationship but it raises questions about how much the candidate is charging his campaign. the trump campaign explaning we calculated the rent per average square foot in the area. the campaign expanded from part of a single floor by adding the entirety of two separate floors. have you been inside trump tower? >> not in the last hour but in the last three hours. >> you have? >> yes! how many floors is it? >> at least three floors. it just moved into a gorgeous me build out that was not occupied by the campaign. >> when did it expand? >> between march and now it has been expanding continually when
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the campaign has grown. >> when was the last time it was only part of a floor? >> you know, i couldn't give you an exact date because i have been there continuously over the last several months. it has been continuously growing. it has been growing over the last month or so. it has been up to three floors. >> neither party releases this but under rules they are require today do releases. we'll put up the numbers. $26,000 for monthly rent then up to 35,000 may up to 72,000 then up to 110,000 then? july 169,000. why is the same type of property inside of trump tower going up by those scales that much three different times? >> it's not the same type of
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property. if you look at how it has gone on from part of one floor to take over another floor to now another floor and also there's a build-out that is associated with it as well. it makes perfect sense. >> so in june when it was 110,000 how -- >> i'm there to talk about foreign policy and media. it continues to expand and the numbers correlate with that expansion. >> you say it's not weeds, nobody cares. >> nobody cares unless they are the one paying it. the idea that as he started to take outside money suddenly the cost of that property was some how magically worth double and triple what it used to be. who is getting that money? trump tower. you can see how people might wonder. you said did we mention self-dealing?
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you know if it's not fair market value it would be a problem of legality. >> everything is in absolute accordance. the clintons should worry about in terms of the e-mails and clinton foundation. again, i will be very clear here, there is no self-dealing and you mentioned the ramp up. of course there is a ramp up. there has been a ramp up to the general. people are upset there was one. there is one. >> and again, we have the numbers. there has only been about 15 more paid staff from may to july, which was the most recent report filed over the weekend. why would 15 more people, do you need tripped the space and up to quadruple the price. >> i don't know if you ever worked on a presidential campaign. >> as you know we need war rooms and meeting space. it expands from a primary into a
8:20 pm
general. >> i will move onto other issues. >> good. >> i will share that the answer doesn't fully add up. >> the answer absolutely adds up. the huffington post is not a real journalistic organization. they added notes which is absolutely inflammatory. >> you think the editor's note is bias? >> they are 100% bias. i i'm sure if you put up the editor's note, i won't repeat it because it is so heinous. >> trump said deport them all to maybe not deport them. why would he admit he has changed the immigration policy? >> it is a clarification. as soon as he becomes president those that committed crimes will be deported. he will look to promote new laws and look to put new laws in
8:21 pm
place. there will be an accord answer and it will be humane. >> you just described a hierarchy which matches the current one where criminals and violent criminals are the highest priority. there has been a lot of debate about that. >> we haven't done it. >> is it a big change? >> there have been some deportations. if you look at the crimes that have happened like the murders in san francisco and in connecticut there is an absolutely broken system here. donald trump will make sure that american workers are protected and all american people are protected. >> last question. we recorded some of what he is doing to outreach minority voters. should he also speak with the groups he declined in the past, naacp? do you see those meetings coming
8:22 pm
down the pipe? >> you have had a lot of information come out within the last hour. there will be continued outreach to all people. this campaign is not focussed on any one group, any one sector. we are focused on all people and delivering national security. we make it clear donald trump is the one that has the temper and judgment. hillary clinton is probably drinking champagne somewhere. she is hiding from the american people. when is the last time she did a press conference? about 270 days ago. >> i'm glad you martha's vineyard in the closing here. thanks for joining us. >> thanks so much. trump calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation. that and much more ahead. stay with us. every day starts better with a healthy smile. start yours with philips sonicare,
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it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. it is now abundantly clear the clintons set up a business to profit from public office. they sold specific actions by and really for, i guess, the
8:27 pm
making of large amounts of money. >> donald trump there tonight calling the clinton foundation basically a money-making operation saying the specific crime rs too numerous to cover in this speech. his attack coming as is t latest poll shows trump at only 33%. we have lisa booth out in washington. you know, this is one of those more narrative tv shows. you were fixing your hankie. christina was doing breathing exercises and lisa was bringing it. we can start with anything you want to get out there. >> well, i mean i think we need to be very clear when we are asking trump what exactly are his policies. he is spouting tired rhetoric.
8:28 pm
these random percentages that he is throwing out, many of them are not fact chul and he as a presidential candidate needs to not just diagnose a problem but give us concrete policies. it is a myriad of issues. it is not suffice for many voters, not just democrats, not just african americans. it's not just about the black issue. he hasn't giving us policy prescriptions far host of issues he should have by this day and time. >> i would agree with all of that. i think he should follow his own rules. he talks about how you can't follow radical islam. >> which you well know. >> if you say the right words at the -- >> there it is. >> at the closing forces. >> yes. my dad when he came back from vietnam i'm sure that's all the lessons he had. you can't fight systemic racism
8:29 pm
if you can't bring yourself to say systemic racism. you can't fight systemic racism by issuing assumptions about it the black community that a lot of us find offensive and serve only to undergurd your nonracistness with nonwhite voters. it isn't something that is helpful. >> and flip side of that, and i should mention late tonight we have hallie jackson coming in and talking about the specifics trump is now preparing to do as early as thursday. the flip side is what we just played tonight. on the one hand doing this majority outreach. on the other hand trying to say he has learned something from maybe weeks or months, all press is good pres and flip it around. allegations against clinton. what do you think about the
8:30 pm
double-barrelled strategy here? >> i think donald trump needs to stay on message and stop saying thing that is consume hours of tv for these various networks. we spent so much time talk about the rhetoric from donald trump and so little time talking about the actions of the clinton foundation. 55% of the nongovernment individuals that hillary clinton met with as secretary of state were clinton foundation donors. we also know hillary clinton paid out of her own pocket to take the unprecedented steps of setting up a private e-mail server and trying to delete tens of thousands. we discovered there are 15,000 work-related e-mails that they failed to turn over. there needs to be a focus on the actions of hillary clinton. i agree with donald trump in having a special prosecutor but i don't think that's going to happen when the justice
8:31 pm
department has denied requests from the fbi to investigate the clinton foundation and to have a clinton foundation problem on public corruption possibilities. >> and liz, lisa makes one clear point here -- >> just one? >> come on. >> wait for it. >> come on. >> the was it a format that also had conflicts of interest or was a humanitarian organization? it is certainly a good point for critic to say if you are president maybe you should kind of fold up the other jobs, le n lemonade stand to focus on the white house. why should nt the clintons say if we get in the white house that's the only thing we'll do. >> and i think we'll see that
8:32 pm
push. what came out today there are questions that need to be answered by the clintons. if you'll talk about financial conflicts you can't do it for hillary clinton. you to do it for donald trump too. and donald trump i think called it a business to make money. it's a charitable. it's a charity. it's a not for profit. and for, you know, all of the things that -- and the questions that need to be answered, it is an organization that saved millions of lives. >> and there's a pretty strong record there. a lot of people have given those speeches. we played a lot of trump responses. i want to note that the clinton folks among their other responses noted that they didn't have a full data set. they took a small slice and worked off of that. we have to fit in another break. i'm getting the mean mugs. thank you for joining us.
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is there any part of the law that you might be able to change to help those who have kids here, have been law-abiding -- i know you had a meeting this week with hispanic leaders. >> i did. i had a meeting and there certainly can be a softening. we want people -- we have great people in this country. we have great people in this country. >> a very different tone, potentially backing away from to depart all 11 million people living here undocumented or
8:37 pm
illegally. the only immigrant currently serving in the u.s. senate. first, your reaction. >> good evening. >> good evening. >> i think it's all fake because donald trump has been talking about being anti-immigrant for months and months now. his notions are very bizarre to say the least. he wants to deport 11 million people from our country, disallow all muslims from coming into our country. he wants to build a wall on our southern border. he managed to insult every group including the philippineos two he called animals. >> okay.
8:38 pm
we'll deport everyone. no. we'll prove criminal offenders. but we already do that. >> so we can't trust somebody who changes his mind at the drop of a hat or in this case at the drop of a pulse. what we have been hearing for months and months are these very bizarre, devicive about immigration. i am an immigrant. my mother brought me to this country to give us a chance at a better life. believe me, a country with a donald trump as president would not be a welcoming country to immigrants like me. >> would what would you say to imgrajt migrants or people that to come to america, what should they take from this election the way it is going? >> this is an election where we have one candidate. hillary clinton wants to pass comprehensive immigration reform. i worked very hard on that bill.
8:39 pm
we need to make sure that family unity remains a guiding principal. we have one candidate that understands the challenges that immigrants face and who wants to give them a path to citizen zsh and i look forward to a hillary clinton presidency. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. i have christina and liz at the table and we are joined by raul reyes. what are your thoughts? >> i think it is very diplomatic. the thing about trump -- if it is in deed his moment of immigration it is huge. not that all politicians don't flip-flop, this would be comparable to maybe hillary clinton now saying that she is against the affordable care act. it has been such an issue for trump. in fact when you go back to
8:40 pm
every state that he won, it was the top or second reason voters voted for him. that in itself would be huge. we see him shifting to what is president obama's situation on immigration. >> i asked about that. >> and the crazy thing is in the beginning when trump was introducing himself to the nation it was mass deportations. people were going to be deported so fast your heads are going to spin. now he is talking more along what president obama is doing now. george w. bush were combined for comprehensive immigration reform. >> that's not the point though.
8:41 pm
wh when you say i -- as a matter of policy it was stopped by the fifth circuit. deportations are still clicking along for a range of reasons. i think the key point is what you said before that, back after all of this the wall, who is going to pay for it, quote unquote rapists. we land back on we'll enforce based on the threat to the country, criminals first. that's current policy. >> well, first of all two things, he is third generation snake oil sales man. two if we think of it in primaries candidates run to their polls. we have seen republicans to the far right. the reason republicans have struggled is with the tea party their base pulls them so far to the right when it's time for the general election it's really
8:42 pm
difficult for them to move back to the center. we are starting to see donald trump realize the rafous people at his rallies are nowhere enough to get 270 electoral votes. we might be seeing this pivot but the people who support donald trump are not interested in hearing any of that. >> have you ever be in any minimarts where it's the shrink-wrapped pies, if you get used to eating that even a nutritious real fruit pie you can barely taste it because you're acustomed to that sugar. it has perhaps to your point that is hard to get off of it. >> it is interesting to see what spofrters do with it. when you talk to them you realize when you ask them what they love about donald trump they will say the wall and apart from that it's make america great again.
8:43 pm
and so -- and i'm generalizing but i have spoken to a lot of trump supporters and that is the one policy he is known for. that is what took him from a b-list celebrity to being the republican party. he talked about immigration different than other republicans. he talks about it in a cultural way. >> yes. >> going back to what christina said, it's not the fact they pulled him so far right it's the deep unseriousness that runs throughout the pitch during the primaries. it's just not working because they don't have the policies and it's clear. >> panel stays. stick around. we have more coming up. we'll talk about an election. first, link health care health care -- linking hillary clinton to something called the alt right. about what goes in.
8:44 pm
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>> still ahead, how hillary clinton is planning to fight back bringing alt right to the big leagues. that's straight ahead.
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
it has been only about a week since he was called the most dangerous political operative in america. it is a web site that cheered all kinds of aggressive republican attack and some conspiracy theories. with bannon's new rule can introducti introduction, that term is alt-right. the label refer to a philosophy
8:48 pm
blending nationals who think conservatives who have sold out to globalization and nativists who fear immigration will spur civil disarray. hillary clinton will give a speech on trump's alt-right embrace this thursday. they offered its own definition. this alt-right brand is embracing extremism and presenting a devicive and dystopian view of america which should concern all americans. >> this is a term most don't know and certainly swing voters don't know this sort of pet term which some conservatives object to any way. what gives? >> i would argue a lot of young
8:49 pm
women know that term. a movement is born out of the sort of trolls that hang out on message boards. >> and i'm just pushing back on you not on substance but on politics you said -- i don't think your ohio swing voter that he is trying to appeal to know that is. >> i would argue that millennials are an important demographic for her. the whole rhetoric around extremism and talking about that in the rhetoric of donald trump is important. i mean this whole movement is based on this idea that white men and it is basically your victim in society. talking about the white supremist and the people following donald trump, that's an important part of this. >> i mean it's like you remember the buddy in the movie. they try today make it more
8:50 pm
shi shiney. >> i found dogma hard to follow. >> it's sort of like white sup prem si with a smile. it is more loud and more boisterous. frankly it is leading to a lot of online harassment. folks familiar with gamer gate and also i think frankly what bannon represents is sort of an aggressive push towards white nationalism. you know, this toxic masculinity, all of theis will e unappealing. >> and there were decades where republicans took the word liberal and made it a dirty word and got democratics to deny they were even liberals. alt-right doesn't have that current standing.
8:51 pm
we were kind of struck, hillary clinton is going to make this the thing on thursday? i wonder if it is an attempt to draw a wedge but puts the trump leadership in disowning something that's their own management. >> speaking totally from a strategic perspective i'm not sure that's the way to go. anyone who has been following the election casually, they are well aware of trump's attacks on a gold star family. maybe they heard of refwetweeti the star. if those types of things remarks about the mexican american judge, if they haven't already clued them in i'm not sure hillary clinton is really going to illuminate this to anyone else. i think she would be better off focusing on her policy ideas, maybe even addreing this littlest round of e-mails, something that serves her better than going back to trump. >> i hear that argument but as
8:52 pm
someone who has been argumented by brightbart and i read those commenting about myself and other women of color and about rape and killing people, these are the people who are showing up at his rallies. >> not all of the people. >> not all. not all. no. not all. >> you have a rally of 10,000 people and you look at a comment thread that has 2,000 in the whole country. >> sure. >> the clinton campaign may be arguing this is a larger part of your support than you care to knowledge. >> i think we know that discourse is great in this country. competition is great, compromise is great. we have never been to a point where we say if you're a republican you're a racist. i disagree with your choice, whatever it may be. if she successful she could make an argument that says if you're voting for donald trump you're essentially voting for
8:53 pm
alt-right. we have seen rhetoric. >> and we'll take a quick break but whether republicans can argue that is a stretch and overreach but it is a kind that many used to complain about because certainly alt-right, you you know more about it. by any means that's the whole reason it is an issue. we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back. ♪ with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence...
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welcome back. the theme tonight seemed to be donald trump is in some kind of political trouble. the question is whether that is a product of his substantive problems or just what was always gie going to happen and then got introduce today the general electorate. >> this is someone who fundamentally does not understand the constitution or how american government works. i do think there are legitimate concerns about the clinton foundation and money and the sort of hillary clinton use of her relationships when she was secretary of state but i don't think trump had a leg to stand on until we see his taxes and we know that every business he has ever had has been a failure in some way shape or form. i really don't understand how he is making a case of any sort of economic policy when he does not
8:58 pm
have a background of strengthening any sort of economic institution. >> and all of the talk about pivot, it is all until he gives the postponed immigration speech. i watched kellyanne conway. i listened so closely and i'm not sure what the new position is but i think the test will be tomorrow in mississippi, true red state country where he will allow the crowd to pull him off direction. >> they talked about whether he was going to pivot and they were like i'm not going to do that and you were like okay. i guess this is really untradition fwhal. now it's just a late pivot, which is the worst pivot. >> we actually don't know if he is pivoting. i would like to finish off with he can't make an appeal to black voters while you still support voter suppression.
8:59 pm
he made a note of that in pennsylvania, that pennsylvania doesn't have vote are i.d. laws and deputizing support toers go out and observe the polls. it is basically giving -- either talk about the things afflicting us. >> you look at that hankie, it is hard to get on your level. >> i'm excited to see how long this pivot lasts. >> that's something people say when they are not excited. right? would this be in italics? >> for folks just watching this segment, we did have a trump adviser earlier. it wraps up our special election coverage. you can find me on social media
9:00 pm
that does it for us. keep it on msnbc. once upon a time a popular, spunky, slightly iconoclastic democrat in congress, from oregon, he got an unexpectedly well founded slick challenge in the general election. this happened in 2010, and it turned out to be a fascinating story. the reason the slickness and well funded nature of this congressman's challenge, the reason it was such a surprise was not because of anything having to do with the congressman. it was because his challenger was not someone from whom you would expect a slick well funded challenge. the challenger to this member of congress was an older man. and i don't mean this in a bad way, but he was kind of eccentric, a self-employed scientist, he is


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